My Story



Hi, I'm Ali Freeman creator of Eclectic Ali Design.

I moved to Columbia, Missouri about 10 years ago. My husband and I began taking weekly walks along the local creeks. I quickly fell in love with the peacefulness the creeks offered. With each trip, I began to grow quite a collection of beautiful, raw creek glass - pieces that had laid untouched for many years. 

One day, I was shown a rock portrait in a magazine and I instantly became inspired to create portraits of my own with my unique creek treasures.

And thus...Eclectic Ali Design began. These handpicked pieces are lovingly designed into eclectic pieces of art.  The materials I use range from creek glass, rocks, driftwood, recycled tumbled glass, pottery, Polish pottery and other artistic mediums. 

My promise is to add new life to the pieces that have been left behind. Hopefully my art will tell your story and bring happiness to your home.